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Squidgy Sparkles

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The Squidgy Sparkles range of fun items is made from flexible plastic that is filled with sparkling liquid. It can safely be squeezed, bent and pressed, and in so doing children are fascinated by the tactile and visual experience of it all! Think of lots of games and learning experiences for the children in your setting and see them reap the benefit of playing with this innovative range of learning materials.

Numbers 0 to 9. Great to hide in sand, water, snow etc. Can also be used on a washing line, as a visual aid or even stencils. Each digit is 15cm.


Lower Case Letters a to z. Ideal for engaging a child’s interest in early literature. Again they can be hidden in the sand tray, hung on a washing line, used as a stencil or as a visual aid at front of class. Size 15cm x 9cm

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