Decorate A Hat

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Decorate A Hat
This kit can be linked with a variety of projects right across the curriculum. It’s ideal for role play and can help children of all ages and abilities get involved in group projects such as school plays. The hats can be painted and decorated to celebrate festive occasions, as part of a project on jobs people do, the world around us or a class outing. Alternately the hats could just be made for fun.

Kit Contains:
  • 10 x plastic boater hats
  • 5 x 15cm squared pieces of felt
  • 5 x 15cm squared pieces of EVA foam
  • 1 metre mesh fabric
  • 35 x pom poms
  • 20 x turkey feathers
  • 3 metres ribbon
  • 9 metres wool
  • 10 x chenille stems
  • 4 curly pipe cleaners
  • 100 x mixed EVA foam shapes
  • 8 x glitter glue pens
  • 10 grams shredded foil
Recommended Age 3+

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