Garden Workbench Set

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Garden Workbench Set

A set of 3 gardening workbenches designed to support the 'Growing Things' strand of the KS1 Science Curriculum.

Their use will enable children to study life processes and living things, specifically plants.

The Mixing Bench has a removable and washable bowl for mixing soil and compost. Size: 69 x 52 x 40 cm.

The Potting and Tool Bench provides storage for a range of tools and space to pot plants. Size: 60 x 52 x 40cm.

The Seed Tray Planting Bench comes with 4 seed trays and a slatted top and shelf to allow excess water to drain away whilst watching plants grow and flower. Size: 69 x 52 x 40cm.

Manufactured from Swedish Pine.

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