Me And My Friends Multi-Cultural Frieze

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Me And My Friends Multi-Cultural Frieze
A fun kit to create pictures of yourself, friends and classmates! Colour, collage and then write their name in the box. The jigsaw style of the cards means they can be joined together to form a frieze.

Pack Contains:
10 cards
20 googley eyes
1 A5 gold mesh fabric
20grams metallic pony beads
4 10cm felt squares
50 matchsticks
3 A6 EVA foam pieces
1 metre ribbon
6 metres wool
1 metre furry card
2 10cm square fur fabric
Teachers notes

You will also need: Scissors, good quality p.v.a. and sticky tac or something similar for fixing the frieze round the classroom wall. As well as colouring materials. Crayons, felt pens, paint or coloured pencils are all suitable.

Recommended Age  3+

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