Morphun - Junior Blocks 300 pcs.

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Morphun - Junior Blocks 300 pcs.
Morphun makes more models for your money! These award winning patented British designed bricks in prime colours transform the use and educational value of traditional plastic bricks. The square bricks, which are compatible with our Junior bricks and with traditional plastic bricks, now have all the joiners separate from the bricks giving greater flexibility of design but needing more dexterity. The further increase in ways to join means more creativity and more and better models.
Morphun Junior Blocks- 300 piece set. This item is being replaced by MOR 41034 in 2012.
The double gold award winning Morphun Junior Sets for ages 4+, have the unique side-joining feature built into both square and triangular bricks. All Morpuhn square bricks are compatible with traditional plastic bricks.

Recommended Age  5+

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