Safari Ltd Silverback Gorilla

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Did you know that silverback gorillas, identifiable by the patch of silver hair on their backs, are exclusively male? Close related to humans, gorillas are a highly intelligent animal that can learn sign language, problem solving, and are capable of exhibiting emotion.

Scientific Name: Gorilla gorilla

Characteristics: Designed to capture not only the physical attributes of the silverback gorilla but its intelligence as well, this artfully crafted and hand painted figurine features the emotive eyes characteristic of this amazing animal. Although he may not be able to communicate through sign language, you can still see the strong personality radiating from this gorilla's face.

Size and Colour: Measuring 5.85 inches long, 9.5cm wide and 16cm tall. This beautifully coloured black, silver, and brown friend is sure to fit right in with your wildlife figurine collection.

The Silverback Gorilla is part of the Wildlife Wonders™ collection.

All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

Recommended Age 3+

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