Sketch Paint

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With Sketch Paint there is no longer any need for the traditional whiteboard as the dry-wipe surface can now be stylishly integrated into your current décor. No more whiteboards obstructing your office, but simply painted straight onto walls, doors or cupboards; just about anywhere!
When used in combination with Magnet Paint as an undercoat, you can use the same surface with magnets and have a true magnetic whiteboard which can be any shape or size you desire!
Sketch Paint is a waterborne paint that is easy to apply and safe to use (professionally) indoors in the most critical surroundings.

Because it has no (0%) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) no smells no emissions while drying and is therefore friendly to humans and the environment.
Simply topcoat any smooth surface with the paint and start sketching.
When using transparent Sketch Paint on a darker surface, use chalk markers and be stunned by the effect of vivid colours.
Paint to be applied using a short nap roller.


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