Small Ball Set

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This set provides 52 balls all of which are ideal for little hands to play with. The set comes packed in a handy carry bag with sturdy strap and zip.

Contains -10 Perforated 7cm balls, 12 Foam Sponge 7cm balls - 3 of each colour,2 Swirly Foam balls, 4 Engraving 9.5cm balls, 5 Neon Spongeballs - Sports design, 5 Neon Spongeballs - Face design, 2 Sensory Touch balls, 4 Porcupine 8cm balls - Team Colours, 4 Porcupine 10cm balls - Team Colours, 2 Reaction 7cm Red balls, 2 Reaction 10cm Blue balls. Some of these balls will require blowing up!

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