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Our top quality Storyboards have sturdy wooden baseboards with removable washable Velcro receptive coverings. Ideal for using with the interactive Storyboard Pieces. These long lasting boards are available in standard, double or triple designs.
There are four sizes of the standard flat Storyboard which are suitable for wall or floor, group or individual usage.
DD1000... 70 x 54cm.
DD1001... 54 x 45cm.
DD1002...54 x 33cm.
DD1003...40 x 30cm.
The double and triple folding Storyboards have handles which can be used for carrying or hanging and a small strap which allows the boards to be made into A frames.
There are two sizes of the double folding Storyboard, measurements are for the opened boards.
DD1400... 54 x 90cm.
DD1412... 40 x 50cm.
The triple folding Storyboard comes in one size, measured when the board is open.
DD1411... 40 x 90cm.

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