Wedgits Junior Design Cards - 48 Cards

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Enjoy the challenge of figuring out new designs with both the four-colour or grey-scale image of a 15-piece WEDGiTS design provided in the WEDGiTS Junior Design Card Deck. 

A four-colour design is provided on the front of each card that offers patterning and colour recognition support for the child.  A black and white image of the same design is provided on the back side of each card with the additional listing of total parts/sizes of blocks needed to build the design. This provides teachers with a verbal skill development tool for peer learning.  Additionally, this deck includes both a “Tips & Techniques” card and an “Anchoring Card” to guide the child, parent and/or teacher into new skill areas for linking, locking and wedging the WEDGiTS blocks. 

This 48 card-deck provides forty WEDGITS ideas for building 15-piece designs that can be built with the WEDGiTS Junior, Deluxe, Translucent Deluxe, Junior Tote, Pink & Purple Tote, To Go and eXplorer sets.

Recommended Age 3+

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